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how to design a schema where the columns of a table are not fixed

I am trying to design a schema where the columns of a table are not fixed. Ex: I have an Employee table where the columns of the table are not fixed and vary (attributes of Employee are not fixed and vary). Frequent addition of a new attribute / column is requirement.

  1. Nullable columns in the Employee table itself i.e. no normalization

  2. Instead of adding nullable columns, separate those columns out in their individual tables ex: if Address is a column to be added then create table Address[EmployeeId, AddressValue].

  3. Create tables ExtensionColumnName [EmployeeId, ColumnName] and ExtensionColumnValue [EmployeeId, ColumnValue]. ExtensionColumnName would have ColumnName as "Address" and ExtensionColumnValue would have ColumnValue as address value.

    Employee table



    ExtensionColumnName table




    ExtensionColumnValue table




There is a drawback is the first two ways as the schema changes with every new attribute. Note that adding a new attribute is frequent and a requirement.

I am not sure if this is the good or bad design. If someone had a similar decision to make, please give an insight on things like foreign keys / data integrity, indexing, performance, reporting etc.

Answer Source

I recommend using a combination of numbers two and three. Where possible, model tables for standard associations like addresses. This is the most ideal approach...

But for constantly changing values that can't be summarized into logical groupings like that, use two tables in addition to the EMPLOYEES table:

  • EMPLOYEE_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_CODES (two columns, employee_attribute_type_code and DESCRIPTION)
  • EMPLOYEE_ATTRIBUTES (three columns: employee_id foreign key to EMPLOYEES, employee_attribute_type_code foreign key to EMPLOYEE_ATTRIBUTE_TYPE_CODES, and VALUE)

In EMPLOYEE_ATTRIBUTES, set the primary key to be made of:

  • employee_id
  • employee_attribute_type_code

This will stop duplicate attributes to the same employee.

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