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COMPLETE list of HTML tag attributes which have a URL value?

Besides the following, are there any HTML tag attributes that have a URL as their value?

  • href
    attribute on tags:

  • src
    attribute on tags:

  • action
    attribute on tags:

  • data
    attribute on tags:

Looking for tags in wide usage, including non-standard tags and old browsers as well as HTML 4.01, HTML 5, and XHTML.

Answer Source

Check out the W3C's list of HTML attributes, there's a "type" column in there and just look for URI types.

And of course the HTML 5 version of that list is useful too

So for HTML4 we've got:

  • <a href=url>
  • <applet codebase=url>
  • <area href=url>
  • <base href=url>
  • <blockquote cite=url>
  • <body background=url>
  • <del cite=url>
  • <form action=url>
  • <frame longdesc=url> and <frame src=url>
  • <head profile=url>
  • <iframe longdesc=url> and <iframe src=url>
  • <img longdesc=url> and <img src=url> and <img usemap=url>
  • <input src=url> and <input usemap=url>
  • <ins cite=url>
  • <link href=url>
  • <object classid=url> and <object codebase=url> and <object data=url> and <object usemap=url>
  • <q cite=url>
  • <script src=url>

HTML 5 adds a few (and HTML5 seems to not use some of the ones above as well):

  • <audio src=url>
  • <button formaction=url>
  • <command icon=url>
  • <embed src=url>
  • <html manifest=url>
  • <input formaction=url>
  • <source src=url>
  • <video poster=url> and <video src=url>

These aren't necessarily simple URLs:

  • <img srcset="url1 resolution1 url2 resolution2">
  • <object archive=url> or <object archive="url1 url2 url3">
  • <applet archive=url> or <applet archive=url1,url2,url3>
  • <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="seconds; url">

In addition, the style attribute can contain css declarations with one or several urls. For example: <div style="background: url(image.png)">

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