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Error opening iOS Simulator with iOS 8 beta version: "Unable to boot the iOS Simulator"

I recently installed the beta of Xcode Version 6 in OS X Mavericks, with which comes the iOS simulator for iOS 8. I've managed to successfully run from Xcode 6 beta on a device with iOS 8 Beta, but opening the simulator always get the same error I have tried to change the hardware version of iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, ... in the simulator and still gives the same error: "Unable to boot the iOS Simulator".

enter image description here

I'm working with Xcode 5.1 at the same time in Mavericks, any suggestion to solve this? Is a possible problem for run this simulator in Mavericks because is only for OS X 10.10? Thanks.

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After I found some solutions on the web, a combination of procedures worked for me:

  1. Close Xcode and iOS Simulator (and all related applications)

  2. Install (or reinstall) Xcode6-Beta to Applications folder (direct from the .dmg file)

  3. Open Xcode6-Beta and go to Xcode -> Preferences -> Locations -> Command Line Tools and select "Xcode 6.0" (be sure that you've selected the one in Applications folder)

  4. Launch the iOS Simulator and go to iOS Simulator -> Reset Content and Settings...

  5. Close all the applications and restart your mac (I unchecked "Reopen windows...")

  6. Open Xcode6-beta and test the iOS Simulator

Good luck

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