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IBM Bluemix IoT Watson service Driver Behaviour

I want to explore and use the driver behavior service in my application. Unfortunately I got stuck as I'm getting empty response from getAnalyzedTripSummary API instead Trip UUID.

Here are the steps I've followed.

  • I've added the services called Driver behavior and Context Mapping to my application @Bluemix.

  • Pushed multiple sample data packets to the Driver Behavior using "sendCarProbe" API

  • Sent Job Request using "sendJobRequest" API with from and to dates as post data.

  • Tried "getJobInfo" API, which results the status of job "job_status" : "SUCCEEDED")

  • Tried "getAnalyzedTripSummaryList" to get trip_uuid. But
    its resulting empty. []

Could someone help me to understand what's wrong and why I'm getting empty response?

Answer Source

I think your procedure is OK.

There are following possibilities not to get valid analysis result.

(1) In current Driving Behavior Analysis, it requires at least 10 valid gps points within a trip (trip_id) on a vehicle (trip_id). Please check your data which is used on "sendCarProbe" API.

(2) Please check "sendJobRequest" API's from and to date (yyyy-mm-dd) really matches with your car probe timestamp.

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