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Linux Question

alpine linux -- autossh (missing)

I need to be able to :


RUN apk add --no-cache autossh

for migrating my project into alpine linux from ubuntu

I'm getting an error while building the Dockerfile.. any workarounds?
I cannot get rid of the autossh requirement as I need this to connect to me compose db.

ERROR: unsatisfiable constraints:
autossh (missing):
required by: world[autossh]
The command '/bin/sh -c apk add --no-cache autossh' returned a non-zero code: 1

Answer Source

Package autossh is in the community repository and only edge branch, as you can check on Alpine has only main from a stable branch in /etc/apk/repositories by default, so to install package from another repository and branch, you have to add it here, e.g.:

echo "" >> /etc/apk/repositories
apk update
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