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Dividing two columns of a different DataFrames

I am using Spark to do exploratory data analysis on a user log file. One of the analysis that I am doing is average requests on daily basis per host. So in order to figure out the average, I need to divide the total request column of the DataFrame by number unique Request column of the DataFrame.

total_req_per_day_df ='host',dayofmonth('time').alias('day')).groupby('day').count()

avg_daily_req_per_host_df ="day",(total_req_per_day_df["count"] / daily_hosts_df["count"]).alias("count"))

This is what I have written using the PySpark to determine the average. And here is the log of error that I get

AnalysisException: u'resolved attribute(s) count#1993L missing from day#3628,count#3629L in operator !Project [day#3628,(cast(count#3629L as double) / cast(count#1993L as double)) AS count#3630];

Note: daily_hosts_df and logs_df is cached in the memory. How do you divide the count column of both data frames?

Answer Source

It is not possible to reference column from another table. If you want to combine data you'll have to join first using something similar to this:

from pyspark.sql.functions import col

    .join(daily_hosts_df.alias("host"), ["day"])
    .select(col("day"), (col("total.count") / col("host.count")).alias("count")))
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