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Zxing: Differentiate 128 barcodes and GSI-128

Using C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin, I'm developping an app to scan barcodes on an Android device. To get a barcode I call the ZXing app by Intent. When I scan a GSI-128 barcode, the return type is CODE-128. In my app, the processing is different depending on the type of barcode (128 and GSI-128).

Is there a method to differentiate these types of barcode?

Answer Source

Before calling the Intent with startActivityForResult(intent,0);, just add an argument with intent->putExtra(StringToJString("ASSUME_GS1"), true);. If the barcode is a GS1-128, the prefix "]C1" would be add at your barcode.

_di_JIntent intent;
msgID = TMessageManager::DefaultManager->SubscribeToMessage(__classid(TMessageResultNotification), &retourScanTel);
intent = TJIntent::Create();
intent->putExtra(StringToJString("ASSUME_GS1"), true);
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