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Android Question

Rebrending for Android app

A year ago launched the Android app. The idea was good but I made so many mistakes. This year I modified my app.

Now the app has:

  • Total downloads 5-10 thousand

  • Rate in Google play - 4.2

  • Daily number of downloads - 5-10

  • App is freemium

  • Active users - several hundreds

I plan to rebranding of the application:

  • change the name of app

  • add new functions

  • new history for the app

  • change freemium to subscription

Now I choose:

  • rebrending for exists app

  • create new app

What do you advise?

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  1. Do you care about existing users who have brought in-app goodies in your app. If Answer is Yes then Update your existing app . If you don't care about existing users then create a new app.

  2. If you have captured lot of analytics in existing app, after rebranding you can always compare to identify learning and use it in future updates. Brand new app will not give you this information instantly.

  3. If new app features are completely different compare to existing app. Then create new app. Give option in old app to migrate to new app so that you can retain existing users as well.

  4. Out of 10,000 downloads, what is % of app retention? If % is very less then it makes sense to create a brand new app and remove old app completely.

  5. If you make new app, then what is plan for old app? Updates and maintainence will be problem if you continue to update both apps for similar kind of features.

  6. Does existing app has deep links with out apps/infrastructure , then you need to update those references as well.

Create Pros/Cons for each option ( new / rebranding ) and based on total result make a decision.

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