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Bash Question

missing end to balance this if statement

i try to add this lines to my .bash-profile

if [ -f "$(brew --prefix)/opt/bash-git-prompt/share/" ];then
source "$(brew --prefix)/opt/bash-git-prompt/share/"

but I get this error

Missing end to balance this if statement
.bash_profile (line 2): if [ -f "$(brew --prefix)/opt/bash-git- prompt/share/" ]; then
from sourcing file .bash_profile
called on standard input

Dose anyone have an idea why?
I have the code from here

Answer Source

Although the linked repository contains a script for fish, the README does not provide any directions for how to use that script. Not having used fish in several years, I think what you want to do is add

if status --is-login
  source (brew --prefix)"/opt/bash-git-prompt/share/"

to ~/.config/fish/ instead. The if status command prevents the file from being unnecessarily sourced if you aren't starting an interactive shell.

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