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Xcode 8. Constraint referencing items turned off in current configuration

I've faced with the problem after updating to Xcode 8. Every time after UI objects are deleted from the main storyboard I get the following warning:

Constraint referencing items turned off in current configuration. Turn off this constraint in the current configuration.

enter image description here

It looks like this is an Xcode bug, but anyway I want to remove these warnings from the project. I found that there were the same problem with Xcode 6 here but no answer from that question fix the problem right no. So when I find the incorrect constraint in the storyboard and delete it the amount of incorrect constrains is increasing instead of decreasing. I things that I've also tried:

  • cleaned the project

  • cleaned the derived data

  • deleted all constraints and added new ones from the scratch

Any ideas?

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Seems really like a Xcode bug, my problem was that I was having several views that was unchecked Installed

Starting from beginning :) after updating to xcode 8.1, I was having 2 warnings in one of my ViewController.xib, and the following steps helped me:

Try 2nd step before you try 1st :)

1) I cleaned the project and restart Xcode, warnings decreased to 1.

2) Select the warning, it showed me exactly which constraint is having an issue, and following that constraint in Attributes Inspector I found (or remembered) this view was unchecked Installed, I turned on Installed and thats all left over warning also disappeared, screenshot attached

enter image description here

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