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Lipo Error!! can't open input file

My application was working perfectly fine, then I started integrating SDK for push notification and stop the integration in between. I even deleted the SDK from my project and trying to archive or run the app, it gives me the error:

lipo Error!! can't open input file.

Any help would be appreciated a lot, I have given enough time to solve this but failed.

/Applications/ can't open input file:
/Users/XYZ/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/MyAPP-hjbmqpnmsoruqxbwlayqkjsojccv/Build/Intermediates/ (No such file or directory)

Answer Source

I got it to work, I just made a simple change in my Project target-> Build setting-> Build Active Architecture only and set this Build Active Architecture only to YES. And it's working fine now..

update After 6 months:

Again i face this issue after updating to Xcode5. This time i have to update Project target-> Build setting->Valid Architecture to armv7. I removed armv7s and arm64.

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