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Java Question

Encode String to UTF-8

I have a String with a "ñ" character and I have some problems with it. I need to encode this String to UTF-8 encoding. I have tried it by this way, but it doesn't work:

byte ptext[] = myString.getBytes();
String value = new String(ptext, "UTF-8");

Have you any idea?


Answer Source

String objects in Java don't have an encoding (*).

The only thing that has an encoding is a byte[]. So if you need UTF-8 data, then you need a byte[]. If you have a String that contains unexpected data, then the problem is at some earlier place that incorrectly converted some binary data to a String (i.e. it was using the wrong encoding).

(*) that's not entirely accurate. Actually they have an encoding, but that's UTF-16 and can't be modified.

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