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How to serialize a decimal value (double) to a uint32 in Java?

So far I've been using the following code to convert signed to unsigned values that I need to send as a byte array over UDP to an embedded system.

public static byte serializeShort(short a)
return ((byte) (a & 0xFF));

public static short serializeInt(int a)
return ((short) (a & 0xFFFF));

public static int serializeLong(long a)
return ((int) (a & 0xFFFFFFFF));

The issue with the long, is some values can be real values. The output of this method I put into a bytebuffer via put(), putInt(), or putShort().

Any idea on how to translate the signed to unsigned for a double type?

Specifically here is my problem:

I have a UINT32 value that is being populated. I'm filling in my byte buffer with either a java signed LONG or a java signed double. I used the 'serializeLong()' above for the longs and it works fine, but the doubles do not.

ByteBuffer buffer = ByteBuffer.allocate(SIZE);
if (value instanceof Long)
buffer.putInt(Util.serializeLong((Long) value));
} else
buffer.putInt(Util.serializeLong(Double.doubleToLongBits((Double) value)));

Answer Source

Instead of using a Double, you should be using a float and to get it into the uint32 space use: buffer.putInt((Float.floatToRawIntBits(Math.abs((Float) value))));

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