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Javascript Question

jquery append() in string position

<div contenteditable="true">
abcde<img src="" />fg

$('div').append('<img src="abc.jpg" />'); //this will append img at end of text

I try to add an image into div in position 6

Is any way to append image in position?


get the text of the div split it at the specified position and concatenate it agian. Then override the html of the div:

var a = $.trim($('div').text());
var b = '<img src="" />';
var position = 5;
var output = a.substr(0, position) + b + a.substr(position);



Using .substr() seems to be faster than .splice

I use $.trim() to avoid a wrong position count due to whitespace or linebreaks

The position is set to 5 because .substr() starts counting at 0