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Git Question

wach all activitys of repository

I am doing to the project and need , show all events ( pull , push , meges) in a branch in local directory.

My problem , in my project modified any files and know , if i execute any pull or action , what can modified the project .

I try whit :

git fetch && git log origin <branch>

and this ,

git log --graph --oneline --all

Stack overflow link

but , i need any more detailed.

Answer Source

with git log you have more and more option for example to define the output format and Controlling the display of entries with --pretty

git log --pretty=oneline --since='5 minutes ago'

git log --all --pretty=format:"%h %cd %s (%an)" --since='7 days ago'

Git History

otherwise using Gitlab or github you have a beautiful UI to display dashboard more detailed

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