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Testing React componentWillUnmount using Jest

I am using React's

to test a React component class, like this (only I am using TypeScript instead of Babel):

describe("MyComponent", () => {
it("will test something after being mounted", () => {
var component = TestUtils.renderIntoDocument(<MyComponent />);
// some test...

This works, but I want to write a test that verifies that
behaves as expected. However, it seems that the test runner never unmounts the component, which is not surprising. So my question is: how do I unmount the component from within a test? The
doesn't have anything that looks like what I want, something along the lines of
I would imagine.

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That's right but TestUtils.renderIntoDocument returns a ReactComponent with access to the lifecycle methods of the component.

So you can call manually component.componentWillUnmount().