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ACTION_CALL intent, with Linkify?

I have a couple Activities with TextViews that contain phone numbers. What I need is that when the user clicks on one, the phone dials the number. And by "dial", I mean dial, not bring up the dialer with the number preloaded, waiting for the user to click "Dial".

In other words, I want Intent.ACTION_CALL, not Intent.ACTION_DIAL.

Now keep in mind, I'm entirely new to Android development, and I'm just beginning to figure out how to put things together.

My first attempt was simple. In my XML:


Then in my java:

public void clickPhone(View view)
String phoneNumber = getString(R.string.the_phone_number);
Uri uri = Uri.parse("tel:" + phoneNumber);

Intent callIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CALL);

Having read more about how autolink is supposed to work, that's clearly more work than should be necessary, but it did work...

Until I had to do the same with a phone number that included letters. You know the kind: 1-800-BUY-MY-STUFF.

The problem, Linkify.PHONE_NUMBERS doesn't recognize strings containing letters as phone numbers, so my string would not be rendered as a link. The onClick would still file, though, and I'd still get the behavior I wanted.

So, I went digging into what autoLink actually did, and read up a bit on Linkify, and removed my onCLick and tried to use a custom pattern:

Pattern matchEverything = Pattern.compile("^.*$");
TextView textPhoneNumber = (TextView)findViewById(;
Linkify.addLinks(textPhoneNumbermatchEverything, "tel:");

Since my TextView contained only a phone number, I figured I'd keep the Regex simple. And this worked fine.

Except that I think I am getting Intent.ACTION_DIAL instead of Intent.ACTION_CALL.

What's the simplest way to get phone number to display in an Activity as a clickable link, and to have clicking that link dial the phone, instead of just bringing up the dialer?

Kai Kai
Answer Source

You can just skip the whole linkify business by simulating the same behavior:

Use SpannableString to underline the text in TextView:

String udata="1-800-BUY-MY-STUFF";
SpannableString content = new SpannableString(udata);
content.setSpan(new UnderlineSpan(), 0, udata.length(), 0);

then in XML, set the TextView's text color to #05c5cf

After that it's a matter of calling your clickPhone method.

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