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Java Question

What is the Maximum value for Java Duration

I tried to create a max Duration in Java 8 by using Duration.ofMillis(Long.MAX_VALUE) but got a long overflow.
How would I programmatically get the equivalent of a Duration.MAX_VALUE if it existed?

Edit: The long overflow was likely caused by an attempt to add to the value instead of during construction. Apologies for not having reproducible code.

Answer Source

It looks like Duration is stored in seconds (up to Long.MAX_VALUE) and nanoseconds (up to 999,999,999). Then the biggest duration possible is:

Duration d = Duration.ofSeconds(Long.MAX_VALUE, 999_999_999);

When I print it (System.out.print(d)) I get the following:


which means: 2562047788015215 hours, 30 minutes, and 7.999999999 seconds.

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