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Android deep link into Instagram app

Instagram has published url schemes for iOS deep linking, but they haven't created documentation for Android.

Is there a way to deep link into the instagram app on Android to go to particular places in the Instagram app, such as specific posts in Instagram

From a technical perspective, this should have been included in Instagram's Android app and documentation many years ago, but I am not aware of it

There may be some hack way to achieve the same result that people have figured out, so any insight is appreciated.

My instagram app does not have comment access granted from Instagram, and has been denied this particular functionality so sending a comment via API is not an option and I would prefer the user opened the instagram app.

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Instagram has registered urls on Android. When you try opening an instagram link it will prompt the user and ask them what app they want to use to handle the url. Choices will probably include various browsers, and the instagram app. When the user selects "always" and picks instagram to handle the url, it will use instagram as the default handler for instagram.com urls from then on.

Basically, you don't need to worry about it. It just works.

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