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Swift Question

How can I fix "Size Limit Exceeded" for my Apple Watch app?

Every time I try to submit an update for my app, I get this error:

enter image description here

I have literally removed all assets from the app except for the .Swift files, storyboard, and the plists. So I know for a fact that the app is not more than 50MB. Yet, I continue to get this error, no matter what else I remove from the app.

I have restarted Xcode, restarted my Mac, changed the build number, removed assets, and nothing is changing.

Anybody have any ideas?

Answer Source

I emailed Apple and they helped me to find the problem. My watchOS app was configured to have duplicate copies of the Swift runtime libraries, one in the watchOS app, and another copy in the watchOS app extension.

I had to go to the extension's project settings, and set Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries to No.

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