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Trouble in installing Basemap in matplotlib

I am trying to install Basemap, and beforehand I already have the prerequisite versions of Matplotlib, Python and Numpy working on my Mac. To install Basemap I am following the instructions in this website

I seemed to progress quite well with the steps, until the very end which is "Check your installation by running from mpl_toolkits.basemap import Basemap at the python prompt." I got "ImportError: cannot import name pyproj" from a line that reads "---> 30 from mpl_toolkits.basemap import pyproj".

Does anyone have any idea? Many thanks!

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The compiled module could be accessible by python. To achieve that you should put the module into python path or you need to add the location of the module to PYTHONPATH environment variable.

To see the python installations paths you can write these lines to python shell:

import sys

for path in sys.path:

The code will show the paths python is looking for modules.

After you compile the c library, you need to go to upper folder and run python install as it's said in the installation page. This will put python modules into one of your python paths.