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Python Question

remove special escape python

I have the string

a = 'ddd\ttt\nnn'

I want to remove the '\' from the string. and It will be

a = 'dddtttnnn'

how to do that in python since '\t' and '\n' has special meaning in python

Answer Source

Assuming you want to remove \t and \n type characters (with those representing tab and newline in this case and remove the meaning of \ in the string in general) you can do:

>>> a = 'ddd\ttt\nnn'
>>> print a
ddd tt
>>> repr(a)[1:-1].replace('\\','')
>>> print repr(a)[1:-1].replace('\\','')

If it is a raw string (i.e., the \ is not interpolated to a single character), you do not need the repr:

>>> a = r'ddd\ttt\nnn'
>>> a.replace('\\','')
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