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Ruby Why slice requires bang ! to work

I am using the slice method to create a new object from the attributes of another object.

What I find odd is that, in MiniTest, printing out

returns an empty array. However, using bang ! to execute slice works perfectly and returns all of the user_group attributes.

Can someone give me some insight into why slice works this way?

UserGroup.where(user_id: do |user_group|

Answer Source

Hash#slice! returns hash with removed elements while Hash#slice returns selected elements:

{ foo: 1, bar: 2 }.slice(:foo, :bar)
=> {:foo=>1, :bar=>2}
{ foo: 1, bar: 2 }.slice!(:foo, :bar)
=> {}

Also, slice! (with a bang) mutates hash (by removing non-sliced elements), so by conventions, this method has a bang.

It seems like you have not attributes with ArchivedUserGroup.attribute_names keys, so slice! just returns attributes.

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