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How do I run test data through my Python Machine Learning Model?

So I have finally completed my first machine learning model in Python. Initially I take a data set and split it like such:

# Split-out validation dataset
array = dataset.values
X = array[:,2:242]
Y = array[:,1]
validation_size = 0.20
seed = 7
X_train, X_validation, Y_train, Y_validation = model_selection.train_test_split(X, Y, test_size=validation_size, random_state=seed)

And so you can see I'm going to use 20% of my data to validate with. But once the model is built, I would like to validate/test it with data that it has never touched before. Do I simply make the same X,Y arrays and make the validation_size = 1? I'm stuck on how to test it without retraining it.

models = []
models.append(('LR', LogisticRegression()))
models.append(('LDA', LinearDiscriminantAnalysis()))
models.append(('KNN', KNeighborsClassifier()))
models.append(('CART', DecisionTreeClassifier()))
models.append(('NB', GaussianNB()))
#models.append(('SVM', SVC()))
# evaluate each model in turn
results = []
names = []
for name, model in models:
kfold = model_selection.KFold(n_splits=12, random_state=seed)
cv_results = model_selection.cross_val_score(model, X_train, Y_train, cv=kfold, scoring=scoring)
msg = "%s: %f (%f)" % (name, cv_results.mean(), cv_results.std())

lr = LogisticRegression(), Y_train)
predictions = lr.predict(X_validation)
print(accuracy_score(Y_validation, predictions))
print(confusion_matrix(Y_validation, predictions))
print(classification_report(Y_validation, predictions))

I can run data through the model, and return a prediction, but how do I test this on 'new' historical data?

I can do something like this to predict:

but not sure how to pass a test data set thru and get a confusion_matrix / classification_report.

Answer Source

[question]: I can run data through the model, and return a prediction, but how do I test this on 'new' historical data?

If you check out my project below you can see how I have trained and tested my data. I personally would never test all of my data.

General form for sklearn model classes and methods.

  1. model = base_models.AnySKLearnObject()
    • create an instance of an estimator class
  2., train_y)
    • train your model; also called “fitting your data”
  3. model.score(train_X, train_y)
    • score your model using the training data using the default scoring method(recommended to use the metrics module in the future)
  4. model.predict(test_X)
    • predict your test data
  5. model.score(test_X, test_y)
    • score your model using your test data
  6. model.predict(new_X)
    • make predictions for a new set of data
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