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Bash Question

python's shlex.split alternative for Go

Simple question - is there something like python's shlex.split that would allow me to simply parse/split/quote/escape shell-like quoted/backslashed strings ?

Link to shlex docs:

Example of what shlex.split does:

>>> import shlex
>>> shlex.split('abc ab\\ c "ab\\"cd" key="\\"val\\""')
['abc', 'ab c', 'ab"cd', 'key="val"']

Answer Source

Nothing in the standard library, but Google did publish their own shlex library which has been forked and changed some in flynn-archive/go-shlex.

For example:

package main

import (

func main() {
    input := "abc ab\\ c  \"ab\\\"cd\" key=\"\\\"val\\\"\""
    fmt.Println("Processing:", input)
    tokens, _ := shlex.Split(input)
    fmt.Printf("%#v\n", tokens)
    // []string{"abc", "ab c", "ab\"cd", "key=\"val\""}
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