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Using Github for Windows to work with own private Git through SSH

Right now, I'm using msysgit to work with my own private repositories stored on a ec2 Amazon Cloud Server using SSH.

Until now, I've been able to successfully connect to those repositories through Git Bash (creating the ssh-rsa public and private key with ssh-keygen, adding the public key to the authorized_servers on the remote machine), so I can clone, push, pull, get through the CLI.

Now, I've seen Github for Windows, and I gotta say, it is a beautiful piece of software. Since it is based on msysgit, I was wondering that if it is possible to setup Github for Windows to connect, clone and push commits through the UI?

In the description it looks like possible, but the documentation seems to lacks information about what the software is capable to do.

Hope you can help me out here, cheers from Mexico.

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Here is a nice write up of what you are exactly looking for.

Edit: I just tested with the following steps and it works like charm!!

   1. Click on repositories on the left.
   2. Pull your copy of the repo from the remote , using git-shell
   3. Drag and drop the Folder on to Git hub for windows dashboard.
   4. now double click on the repository dropped on to githubW. It should be listed as a local repository.
   5. it says login required to your non-github remote!

enter image description here


For some wierd reason, GutHub didn't make it straightforward to use non-GitHub Remotes. (As you said, they say that they support non-github remotes though!!)

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