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Read the sum value from the column footer in UI - Grid?

I'm currently trying to read my column footer to make sure that the total sum from the aggregate is exactly 100. However I can not find a way to get that value from the grid functions. Maybe I missed a function in the docs. Is there a way to accomplish this or will I have to manually loop through my grid and sum the values?

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You can use aggregates on the column footer to automatically show the sum of all the values in the column.

you can have your grid config like below

$scope.gridOptions = {
    showGridFooter: true,
    showColumnFooter: true,
    enableFiltering: true,
    columnDefs: [
        { field: 'name', width: '13%' },
        { field: 'address.street',aggregationType: uiGridConstants.aggregationTypes.sum, width: '13%' },
        { field: 'age', aggregationType: uiGridConstants.aggregationTypes.avg, aggregationHideLabel: true, width: '13%' },
        { name: 'ageMin', field: 'age', aggregationType: uiGridConstants.aggregationTypes.min, width: '13%', displayName: 'Age for min' },
        { name: 'ageMax', field: 'age', aggregationType: uiGridConstants.aggregationTypes.max, width: '13%', displayName: 'Age for max' },
        { name: 'customCellTemplate', field: 'age', width: '14%', footerCellTemplate: '<div class="ui-grid-cell-contents" style="background-color: Red;color: White">custom template</div>' },
        { name: 'registered', field: 'registered', width: '20%', cellFilter: 'date', footerCellFilter: 'date', aggregationType: uiGridConstants.aggregationTypes.max }
    data: data,
    onRegisterApi: function(gridApi) {
            $scope.gridApi = gridApi;


To get the value from the footer, provided you know the column index and have a reference to the gridApi.

$scope.getFooterValue = function()
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