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SQL Query Max Value Across Multiple Columns Multiple Rows

I need to write a sql query that will return the row that has the max value per user id.

In my table I have 5 columns (Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow) that store a numeric value. And in my table a user can appear on multiple rows.

For each user id, I need to determine which of the 5 columns (Blue, Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow) has the highest value per user id. I have tired a few things, but am stuck.

If I need to provide additional information, please let me know.

See table below enter image description here

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If you want to get fancy you can look into Using GROUP BY with ROLLUP, CUBE, and GROUPING SETS on groups but a simple approach is to flatten the list. You can use a pivot or union like example below. Then use row_number to get the first in the list.

declare @tbl table (UserId int, Blue int, Red int, Green int, Orange int, yellow int)

insert into @tbl (UserId, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow)
(1, 1,9,4,3,4),
(2, 2,5,4,3,5),
(3, 3,4,9,3,3),
(4, 9,4,6,3,9),
(5, 2,4,5,2,9)
with flattenedCte as (
    select UserId, Blue [Count], 'Blue' Color from @tbl
    select UserId, Red [Count], 'Red' Color from @tbl
    select UserId, Green [Count], 'Green' Color from @tbl
    select UserId, Orange [Count], 'Orange' Color from @tbl
    select UserId, Yellow [Count], 'Yellow' Color from @tbl
,Sub as (
    max([Count]) [Max of Count],
    ROW_NUMBER() over (partition by UserId order by max([Count]) desc) [Row number]
    from flattenedCte
        group by UserId,Color
select * from Sub where [Row number] = 1
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