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How to properly map an Array of name and type to an Array of StrucField

the simple problem I have is this:

val t = StructField("attName", DecimalType,true)

type mismatch, expected: DataType, actual: DecimalType.type

I want to create a case class wich can be useful to automaticly generate an array of structField. So I begin to try this.

case class MyClass1(attributeName: String, attributeType: DataType)

In order to create my test1:

val test1 = Array(
MyClass1("att1", StringType),
MyClass1("att2", IntegerType),
MyClass1("att3", DecimalType)

This is wrong because the third line with DecimalType thrown an error. (DecimalType is not a DataType). So I tried with a second case class like this.

case class MyClass2[T](attributeName: String, attributeType: T)

val test2 = Array(
MyClass2("att1", StringType),
MyClass2("att2", IntegerType),
MyClass2("att3", DecimalType)

Now this is ok but lines below does not work because Decimal is not a DataType.

val myStruct = test2.map(x =>
StructField(x.attributeName,x.attributeType, true)

So here is my question. How to create a StructField with DecimalType and do you think my caseclass is a good approach? Thanks

Answer Source

DecimalType is not a singleton - it has to be initialized with a given precision and scale:

import org.apache.spark.sql.types.{DataType, DecimalType}

DecimalType(38, 10): DataType
org.apache.spark.sql.types.DataType = DecimalType(38,10)

That being said StructField is already a case class and provides default arguments for nullable (true) and metadata so another representation seems superfluous.

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