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Java Question

How to expand all nodes in the Variables View in Eclipse?

I'm attempting to use Eclipse to debug a JSP page. Have set breakpoints and would like to know the current value of a couple of variables, e.g. this one:

<c:set var="flows" value="${model.flows}" />

However, hovering over doesn't work so am attempting to use the Variables View, which looks like:

Variables View

Each one of these has a complex tree structure so finding what I need isn't obvious. Is there a quick way to expand all the nodes in the tree without lots of mouse clicking? Or search the whole tree?

Answer Source

I fought with the same problem in eclipse. Without finding a short and easy solution I decided to overwrite the toString method for all of my objects. That gaves me the possibility to get a String representation with the most important data inside the Variables tab of the debug mode without step into the complex tree structure. Of course that solution has a high effort but if it is done once the troubleshooting is much easier.

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