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Scala Seq - How to solve overloaded method value with alternatives due to Seq

I have a function as follows:

def foo(sequence: Seq): Unit = {

I obtained an error,
overloaded method value select with alternatives
. I'm new to Scala's syntax, and I don't know the exact term, so I have been searching online without any results.

In particular, Scala appears to be confused as to which of the
method I am calling. From the documentation, there are 2
methods (Source:

I have tried the following, but perhaps because I am not familiar with the syntax, I was not able to succeed:[Seq[Column]]);

How do I tell Scala that I want it to use
select(cols: Column*)
instead of alternatives? And if it is fine, could the answer include what concept this is - just so I can tag it properly, and learn something new.

Answer Source

Declare your foo method like this and use _*. As shown below

def foo(sequence: Seq[Column]): Unit = { _*)

Explanation select takes var args. When you want to pass Seq to a method which takes var args you have to explicitly say _* So that compiler can accept the Seq as var args.

Scala REPL example

scala> def foo(a: Int*) = 1
foo: (a: Int*)Int

scala> foo(Seq(1, 2))
<console>:13: error: type mismatch;
 found   : Seq[Int]
 required: Int
       foo(Seq(1, 2))

scala> foo(Seq(1, 2): _*)
res1: Int = 1

notice calling foo(Seq(1, 2) gives a compilation error this error can be fixed if we guide the compiler by giving type explicitly as _*