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Zenject GameObject Injection

I'm using Zenject framework and I'm using multiple

for a class but I don't know to do it using Zenject Container. Here's my code:

private GameObject _canvas;
private GameObject _mainWindow;
private GameObject _createAccountWindow;

void Awake()
_mainWindow = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("MainWindow");
_canvas = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Canvas");
_createAccountWindow = GameObjectExtensions.FindObject(_canvas, "CreateAccountWindow");

Is it possible to inject these objects from Zenject Container? If it is, how can I do that?

Answer Source

Using Zenject, those classes would be injected like this:

GameObject _canvas;

GameObject _mainWindow;

GameObject _createAccountWindow;

However, when you're using DI, it usually injects based on the type, so having them all be type 'GameObject' will make this difficult.

But if you make it something like this:

Canvas _canvas;

[Inject(Id = "MainWindow")]
RectTransform _mainWindow;

[Inject(Id = "CreateAccountWindow")]
RectTransform _createAccountWindow;

Then also add ZenjectBinding components to each of these, and add a value for the Identifier property of ZenjectBinding, then it should work. (I'm assuming they are already in the scene at startup here)

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