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iOS Swift - Cannot Change Animation Options with Array [UIViewAnimationOptions]

I have some problem about animation options with

in Swift 2. I can add multiple options in
like this :
[.Repeat, UIViewAnimationOptions.Autoreverse]
and this is if I add in animation function (first example) :

UIView.animateWithDuration(1, delay: 0, options: [.Repeat, UIViewAnimationOptions.Autoreverse], animations: {

}) { (true) in


But I cannot add animation options in
like this (second example) :

var animationOptions = [UIViewAnimationOptions]()
UIView.animateWithDuration(1, delay: 0, options: animationOptions, animations: {

}) { (true) in


Can someone help me make animation options in array like second example ?

Answer Source
    var animationOptions:UIViewAnimationOptions = .repeat
    UIView.animate(withDuration: 0.1, delay: 0.1, options: animationOptions, animations: {

    }) { (success:Bool) in


You need to use the insert from the SetAlgebra Protocol, which the OptionSet conforms to. In the question you are using the Array Object instead of the UIViewAnimationOptions.

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