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Python Question

Capitalize first letter ONLY of a string in Python

I'm trying to write a single line statement that assigns the value of a string to a variable after having ONLY the first letter capitalized, and all other letters left unchanged.

Example, if the string being used were:

myString = 'tHatTimeIAteMyPANTS'

Then the statement should result in another variable such as
equal to:

myString2 = 'THatTimeIAteMyPANTS'

Answer Source

Like Barmar said, you can just capitalize the first character and concatenate it with the remainder of the string.

   myString = 'tHatTimeIAteMyPANTS'
   newString = "%s%s" % (myString[0].upper(), myString[1:])
   print(newString)  # THatTimeIAteMyPANTS
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