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unwind segue pass data to different viewcontrollers

I have an app which have 4 different forms. these forms can be completed by clicking the different questions and being lead to a viewcontroller which holds the options. lets call this the

. Now I have 4 different forms with different options but all using
to pull data from the database, I need to unwind the segue and pass data.

Since there might be 4 different view controllers it might be coming from, I need to make sure that the information is passed properly, i.e. identify if the destinationviewcontroller the unwindsegue is performing the first, second, third or fourth viewcontroller.

I thought I might do something like this

override func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: AnyObject?) {
// Get the new view controller using segue.destinationViewController.
// Pass the selected object to the new view controller.

if segue.identifier == "optionSelected" {

if segue.destinationViewController == FirstViewController {

//pass data

} else if segue.destinationViewController == SecondViewController {
//pass data


But obviously I cannot perform
segue.destinationViewController == FirstViewController

What should I actually be doing? Or should i just create one
for every form, which would solve my problem, but I am not sure if overall the app performance will drop due to the increase of view controllers

Thanks for any help in advance

Answer Source

To test if the destination view controller is of a specific class, use the Swift keyword is:

if segue.destinationViewController is FirstViewController {

Alternatively, you can assign the viewController to a variable using optional binding with an optional cast:

if let dvc = segue.destinationViewController as? FirstViewController {
    // dvc will have type FirstViewController so you can access specific
    // properties of FirstViewController using dvc
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