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Slice each string-valued element of an array in Javascript

I have the following array:

var arr = ["Toyota", "Hyundai", "Honda", "Mazda"];

I want to slice each element backwards, like:

var arr = ["Toyota", "Hyundai", "Honda", "Mazda"].slice(-2);

so it will return:

arr = ["Toyo", "Hyund", "Hon", "Maz"];

Is it possible? or is there anyway of doing this?

Answer Source

You can't use slice directly, as it has a different meaning with an array and will return you a list of array elements.

var arr = ["Toyota", "Hyundai", "Honda", "Mazda"];
arr.slice(0, -2) // returns the elements ["Toyota", "Hyundai"]

In order to do the slice on each element, you can use .map() (on IE9+):

var out = arr.map(function(v) { return v.slice(0, -2) }) 
// or using underscore.js for wider compatibility
var out = _.map(arr, function(v) { return v.slice(0, -2) })

Alternatively, you could just use a loop:

var i, out = [];
for (i = 0; i < arr.length; ++i) {
    out.push(arr[i].slice(0, -2));
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