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Laravel send tweet as user

Is it possible to send automatic tweets from laravel like user.
User must be logged by my twitter API, and then can I send tweet as him?Of course he must accept this action. I must know when user tweets my page.
Can it work like facebook share? Is there tools for this?

Sorry for my english.
Thanks for all answer.

I do not mean this package http://vegibit.com/send-a-tweet-with-laravel/ .
I need send tweets to user table.

Answer Source

Use this https://twitteroauth.com/ package.

Push in your console composer require abraham/twitteroauth When all installed then you should add use Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth; to your class.

Now in function you must create connection with your api.

$connection = new TwitterOAuth(
CONSUMER_KEY, // Information about your twitter API
CONSUMER_SECRET, // Information about your twitter API
$access_token, // You get token from user, when him  sigin to your app by twitter api
$access_token_secret// You get tokenSecret from user, when him  sigin to your app by twitter api

If you created connection then you can send post as user. For example:

$connection->post("statuses/update", ["status" => "My first post!"]);
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