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A valid provisioning profile for this executable was not found when trying to run my app on device

I am banging my head against this for over a day now, I had uploaded an app to the apple store some days ago, it was rejected. I made the changes and now want to test the app on my phone again, each time I do I get a weird message telling me that there is no valid provisioning profile. I am a newbie to iOS.

I checked various questions googled around and everything is set up as explained. Why this weird error.

Clicking on window> organiser I see both my valid profile and my iPhone with a green signal. I wonder where the problem is! Any help?

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For testing App in to your device you need to do following steps:

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • After adding Device UDID you need to create Creating a Developer provisional profile and select all device.

  • Download this created Developer provisional profile and install as we did normally

  • In Xcode setting correct Bundel Identifire that is you setting in to developer provisional profile (

  • setting code sign from target-->build phase-->code sign choose developer provisional that must appear in to list.

now all set and connect you device with xcode and run you project that must run in to you device.

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