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Javascript Question

Cannot create property 'selected' on string 'Information Technology' angularjs

This is my controller

$scope.subjects = ["Computer Security", "Graphics and Multimedia", "Networks", "Computer Science and Engineering", "Game Design", "Programming", "Information Technology", "Software Engineering", "Technology Management", "Telecommunications", "Web Development", "Sociology", "Psychology", "General", "Social Work", "Criminal Justice", "Law and Paralegal", "Public Safety", "Forensic Sciences", "Counseling", "Homeland Security", "Political Science", "Public Administration"];

This is my view where i am binding data

<label class="concentration-label3" ng-repeat="value in subjects">
<input ng-model="value.selected" ng-disabled="subjectCheckedCount == subjectLimit && !value.selected" type="checkbox" name="concentrations" class="concentration-label3__input js-concentration-value" value="{{value}}" data-mixpanel-subject="Design" >
<span class="concentration-label3__title" for="conc1">
<span class="concentration-label3__title__checkmark4"></span>

Its giving me the error that 'cannot bind property selected to string
xyz' Please help!!!

Answer Source

subjects is an array of strings, which don't have the property selected that you're trying to bind to your input.

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