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Checkout maven project from SCM: disconnect and merge

Whenever checking out Maven project from svn server in Eclipse, it creates a new folder like

under the target workspace. After specific time, it disconnected from SVN server.

My question is when the new checkout process is started again:-

Can the next checking-out process merge to one of the existing folder

Any input would be appreciated!!

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No, not directly. This happens if something stops the import step. While I can not tell you wat exactly went wrong in your case, I can tell you how to solve it:

Rename the maven.xxxxxfolder in your workspace to the real project name.

The select File -> Import... -> Existing Maven Project and choose the project folder. The project will appear in your workspace as maven project.

Depending on your eclipse configuration and plugins environment, you might also need to right-click on your new project and select Team -> Share... -> SVN (if there is a long list of options under Team, it is already correctly identifed as SVN project).


If your maven.xxxx folder is empty, than you seem to have connection problems. Split the checkout and the import part:

  • Switch to the "SVN Repository Exploring" perspective, create the repository (if not already there). Can you browse the repository? If not, you have a connection problem (proxy?).
  • Right click your SVN project and select -> Checkout...
  • Select Check out as project in the workspace
  • This checks out the project as simple resource project
  • now back in the java perspective you can either delete the project and do an "Import existing Maven Project" or convert the project to a maven project using right-click -> Configure -> Convert to Maven project (exact command may vary with your m2e version).

If everything elese fails, try to checkout your project using TortoiseSVN (on Windows) or the commandline and doing "import -> existing maven project" afterwards.