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Bash Question

bash: put list files into a variable and but size of array is 1

I am listing the files in a directory and looping through them okay, BUT I need to know how many there are too. ${#dirlist[@]} is always 1, but for loop works?

prefix="xxx"; # as example

len=${#prefix}; # string length
dirlist=`ls ${prefix}*.text`;
qty=${#dirlist[@]}; # sizeof array is always 1
for filelist in $dirlist
echo "${substring}/${qty}";

I have files xxx001.text upto xxx013.text

but all I get is 001/1 002/1 003/1

Answer Source
dirlist=`ls ${prefix}*.text`

doesn't make an array, it makes a only a string with space separated file names.

you have to do

dirlist=(`ls ${prefix}*.text`)

to make it an array.

Then $dirlist will reference only the first element, you have to use


to reference all of them in the loop.

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