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Spring @RequestBody Override

I have a Spring controller that takes posts and it works. The only problem is that our SMS providers will be sending us headers that contain keys with a capitalized first letter, for example:

"ResponseReceiveDate":"7/29/2014 5:25:10 AM",
"Message":"PIN 1234"

Spring will throw an error like:

Could not read JSON: Unrecognized field "FromPhoneNumber" (class, not marked as ignorable (4 known properties: "responseReceiveDate", "toPhoneNumber", "fromPhoneNumber", "message"])

So, there must be a way for me to override this behavior. Here is the controller method that handles the CDyne posts:

@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST, value="/celltrust")
public ResponseEntity<String> cellTrustPost(@RequestBody CDynePost cDynePost) {
String message = "FAILED";
UserInteraction userInteraction = getUserInteraction(cDynePost);
boolean success = someSpringService.logMessage(userInteraction);

if (success) {
message = "OK";
return new ResponseEntity<String>(message, HttpStatus.ACCEPTED);
} else {
return new ResponseEntity<String>(message, HttpStatus.FAILED_DEPENDENCY);


and here is the CDynePost class:

public class CDynePost {
private String FromPhoneNumber;
private String ToPhoneNumber;
private String ResponseReceiveDate;
private String Message;

public String getFromPhoneNumber() {
return FromPhoneNumber;
public void setFromPhoneNumber(String FromPhoneNumber) {
this.FromPhoneNumber = FromPhoneNumber;
public String getToPhoneNumber() {
return ToPhoneNumber;
public void setToPhoneNumber(String ToPhoneNumber) {
this.ToPhoneNumber = ToPhoneNumber;
public String getResponseReceiveDate() {
return ResponseReceiveDate;
public void setResponseReceiveDate(String ResponseReceiveDate) {
this.ResponseReceiveDate = ResponseReceiveDate;
public String getMessage() {
return Message;
public void setMessage(String Message) {
this.Message = Message;

I've looked at ObjectMapper but I am not sure how to work this into my controller, and truth be told I'd prefer not to have to write a bunch of extra classes if Spring will do it for free.

Answer Source

Simply annotate your field, getter, or setter with @JsonProperty, specifying the exact name that will appear in the JSON. For example

private String FromPhoneNumber;
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