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Using parameters for stored procedures on MySQL

I'm trying to write a PL/SQL or T-SQL for the following example:

Write a PL/SQL or T-SQL procedure to retrieve and output the marina number, slip number, rental fee, boat name, and owner number for every slip whose length is equal to the length stored in


So far I've come up with this:

'Create Procedure Boat_Info (I_Length IN Marina_Slip.Length%Type) AS
I_Marina_Num Marina_Slip.Marina_Num%Type I_Slip_Num

Marina_Slip.Slip_Num%Type I_Rental_Fee Marina_Slip.Rental_Fee%Type
I_Boat_Name Marina_Slip.Boat_Name%Type I_Owner_Num


Begin Select Marina_Num, Slip_Num, Rental_Fee, Boat_Name, Owner_Num
Into I_Marina_Num, I_Slip_Num, I_Rental_Fee, I_Boat_Name, I_Owner_Num
from Marina_Slip Where Length = ??

That last part I'm still missing, as I'm have no specific value for Length to restrict my output. and also cannot come up with a DBMS output.

Answer Source

The variable in paranthesis is a parameter. Yo can use it in your where clause. For example :

(myLenght INT)

where length = myLength

You may define more than one parameters separated by a comma sign ,

See also: Mysql stored procedure parameters

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