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App is not showing in the share menu of shared options in shared extension in iOS8

I'm developing share extension for my app.
Every thing is fine, but i'm facing one main problem, my app is not in the share menu while sharing from photos app.

Below is the plist of my shared extension.
enter image description here

It's not showing in the list, below is the screenshot:

enter image description here

But when i go to more option, set the switch of my extension off and on, now it is showing in the list, But i need to do it every time, below are the screenshots:

enter image description here
enter image description here

Every time i ran the extension from X-Code, It's not showing the share menu, i need to go to more option, set the switch off and on again, then only it is showing.
Can it show every time in the share menu?
Is there anything i'm missing in the plist or extra configuration required?

I need your valuable suggestions.
Thanks in advance.


I have checked it in iOS9. It's working fine without any issues.

Answer Source

This is a bug in iOS. There is no workaround in the current version. File a bug report with Apple and hope that they fix it soon.

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