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Python Question

Why there are pip and conda packages after fresh installation?


Windows 10, 64bit, d/l Anaconda 2.5.0 with Python3, 64bit and installed it

After fresh installation i type

conda list
, and, among packages, I see
duplicates like

jupyter 1.0.0 py35_1
jupyter-client 4.1.1 <pip>
jupyter-console 4.1.0 <pip>
jupyter-core 4.0.6 <pip>
jupyter_client 4.1.1 py35_0
jupyter_console 4.1.0 py35_0
jupyter_core 4.0.6 py35_0

Is it normal, and why some packages (not all of them, just a few) have
duplicates (not quite, there is
) both in conda and pip?

What will happen if I do
pip uninstall jupyter-core

What should be policy toward such packages?

Answer Source

It's a known problem with the output of conda. The packages are installed only once, but due to differing naming conventions, they are listed twice. There is a (now closed) bug report about it:

When you ask conda for a list of packages, this is what happens (or used to happen):

  • conda knows which packages were installed with conda.
  • conda calls pip under the covers to find packages that were installed outside of conda.
  • pip lists all packages, regardless of where they came from.
  • conda filters the output of pip by removing the packages installed with conda.

Afaict, the problem is with conda-installed packages that contain an underscore. pip replaces underscores with hyphens in its output. Therefore, conda fails to detect that it's a package installed by itself, and lists it as installed by pip. Of course, conda also lists the package with its original, underscored name as installed by conda. Hence the duplicates.

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