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How to implement pagination in Spring MVC 3

Is there any out-of-the-box, easy to implement, standard pagination component/tag-lib or code-sample available for pagination in Spring MVC?

Answer Source

Have a look at PagedListHolder and other classes from

See the JPetstore in the samples for some examples, e.g. in

public ModelAndView handleRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception {
    String keyword = request.getParameter("keyword");
    if (keyword != null) {
        if (!StringUtils.hasLength(keyword)) {
            return new ModelAndView("Error", "message", "Please enter a keyword to search for, then press the search button.");
        PagedListHolder productList = new PagedListHolder(this.petStore.searchProductList(keyword.toLowerCase()));
        request.getSession().setAttribute("SearchProductsController_productList", productList);
        return new ModelAndView("SearchProducts", "productList", productList);
    else {
        String page = request.getParameter("page");
        PagedListHolder productList = (PagedListHolder) request.getSession().getAttribute("SearchProductsController_productList");
        if (productList == null) {
            return new ModelAndView("Error", "message", "Your session has timed out. Please start over again.");
        if ("next".equals(page)) {
        else if ("previous".equals(page)) {
        return new ModelAndView("SearchProducts", "productList", productList);
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