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How can I use select2 as an Aurelia attribute?

This is not a duplicate of: aurelia-trying-to-load-html-from-select2

I am trying to add a select2 dropdown to the Aurelia Contact Manager but I am having problems getting it to work.



"name": "select2",
"path": "../node_modules/select2/dist",
"main": "js/select2",
"deps": ["jquery"],
"resources": [

And the custom attribute:

import {autoinject, customAttribute} from 'aurelia-framework';

import * as $ from 'jquery';
import 'select2';
import 'select2/css/select2.css!';

export class SelectCustomAttribute {
element: Element;

constructor(element: Element) {
this.element = element;

attached(): void {
placeholder: 'Select!'
.on('change', e => {
if(e.originalEvent) { return; }

detached(): void {

Building the application fails with:

[Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\Users\MyApp\node_modules\select2\dist\css\select2.css.js']

Removing the
import 'select2/css/select2.css!';
makes it compile but then I would have to load the css manually wherever I want to use this attribute which defeats the purpose of having the attribute at the first place:

<require from="select2/css/select2.css"></require>
<section class="row container">
<select select2>

Answer Source

Based on the error you are reporting, there are a few things you will need to do. The index.d.ts file for angular-protractor is causing a naming conflict with jQuery's .d.ts file.

In typings/globals/angular-protractor/index.d.ts comment out like 1839(declare var $: cssSelectorHelper).

Add the following to your aurelia.json file.

  "name": "select2",
  "path": "../node_modules/select2/dist",
  "main": "js/select2.min",
  "resources": [ 

There is an issue filed on the aurelia-cli around importing css files. There are a few solutions there as to how to include .css files. The approach I took was to add <require from="select2/css/select2.min.css"></require> to my app.ts file.

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