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Using Output file as Input file in same program in cpp

I was wondering is it possible to write test case file and use that test cases as input file and produce another output file in the same program in c++.
So far, I have tried this:

for(int i=2;i<=20000;i++)cout<<i<< " ";
cout<<"Finished writing test cases"<<endl;
freopen("input.txt","r", stdin);
//rest of the code including cout etc.//

I opened my input and output files. Input is okay, but output does not produce any output in output file/stdout.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Answer Source

Remove this line :


Put this line at the end of the program, or after the part when you are sure you won't write to a file instead of stdout.

I think the code will work as you expect it to be.

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