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How to express Strings in Swift using Unicode hexadecimal values (UTF-16)

I want to write a Unicode string using hexadecimal values in Swift. I have read the documentation for String and Character so I know that I can use special Unicode characters directly in strings like the following:

var variableString = "Cat‼

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The Swift syntax for forming a hexadecimal code point is


where n is a hexadecimal number up to 8 digits long. The valid range for a Unicode scalar is U+0 to U+D7FF and U+E000 to U+10FFFF inclusive. (The U+D800 to U+DFFF range is for surrogate pairs, which are not scalars themselves, but are used in UTF-16 for encoding the higher value scalars.)


// The following forms are equivalent. They all produce "C". 
let char1: Character = "\u{43}"
let char2: Character = "\u{0043}"
let char3: Character = "\u{00000043}"

// Higher value Unicode scalars are done similarly
let char4: Character = "\u{203C}" // ‼ (DOUBLE EXCLAMATION MARK character)
let char5: Character = "\u{1F431}" // 
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