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Android - Firebase Quickstart Email/Password Auth demo doesn't work

So, there are a couple similar questions on here, but none of them have a working solution for me.

I am using the Quickstart demo downloaded from Github. Downloaded today. I've changed nothing in the demo code.

Some common mistakes (from what I've read) that I've addressed:

  • I have the project created in the Firebase Console with the
    downloadable json file (created with package name). I have provided
    my SHA1 fingerprint.

  • Email/Password sign-in method is checked.

  • I have Google Play Services and Google Repository updated and installed (from the Android
    Studio SDK manager)

  • On my device Google Play Services is version 9.4.52

If I turn on the Anonymous sign-in option in the Firebase Console, I'm able to successfully Anonymously sign in on the demo app. But Email/Password will not work.

Edit: Not sure if I'm doing this right, but I got these in Logcat

W/DynamiteModule: Local module descriptor class for not found.
W/ResourcesManager: Asset path '/system/framework/' does not exist or contains no resources.
W/ResourcesManager: Asset path '/system/framework/' does not exist or contains no resources.
D/EmailPassword: createUserWithEmail:onComplete:false

Answer Source

The logcat output shows that the creation of the user account is failing. The documentation indicates this can happen for these reasons:

  • the password is not strong enough (less than 6 characters)
  • the email address is malformed
  • there already exists an account with the given email address

Add a Log statement to the completion listener for createUserWithEmailAndPassword() to see what the failure reason is:

public void onComplete(@NonNull Task<AuthResult> task) {
    Log.d(TAG, "createUserWithEmail:onComplete:" + task.isSuccessful());

    // If sign in fails, display a message to the user. If sign in succeeds
    // the auth state listener will be notified and logic to handle the
    // signed in user can be handled in the listener.
    if (!task.isSuccessful()) {
        Log.d(TAG, "onComplete: Failed=" + task.getException().getMessage()); //ADD THIS

        Toast.makeText(EmailPasswordActivity.this, R.string.auth_failed,

    // [END_EXCLUDE]
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